Obama's House

I admit it. I've been like a giddy teenager the last couple of days with the election looming. The knowledge that it is nearly over has put butterflies in my stomach and contributed to hours of browsing on political blogs and following news reports. Last night, I even turned on the TV (with Vivi right there in the living room) just to hear the latest poll numbers. It's exhausting being sooo excited and I am bound to collapse in tears tonight just by the sheer relief that the whole damn thing is finally over.

It appears that my enthusiasm has spread to Vivi. Last night, while watching the news, Vivi pointed to Obama and said, "Who's dat guy?" I told her that he is Obama and Mama and Daddy are going to vote for him tomorrow. She asked if I loved Obama and I replied, "Yes. I think I do."

This morning, as I was explaining to Vivi that she was going to go with me to vote. She said, "Are we going to Obama's house?" When I told her that we vote at the fire station, she asked if Obama would be there. That question required a quick toddler-friendly civics lesson.

Before we headed out the door, she used the potty and I gave her a couple of gummy bears. I noticed that she was holding on to the bears so I asked why she wasn't eating them. She said, "Mama. I gonna share these with Obama."

After all, what's a victory party without gummy bears?!


  1. I love this! Jake told me last night, very matter-of-factly that he was going to be president. And Mommy should be vice president.


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