Santa Claus

Santa Claus has become a frequent topic of discussion around the house these days. I have happy memories of the visits Santa made to my childhood home on Christmas (especially the year he brought us a puppy) and I am very excited to impart the wonder to my own child. My wish is that Vivi will find the experience of Santa as magical as I did.

Like Halloween, it is taking a lot of explaining on my part to help Vivi understand how this holiday and the whole Santa thing works. (For several weeks before Halloween, she would repeatedly and somewhat incredulously ask, "Mama, I knock on doors and say 'Trick or Treat' and people give me candy?) We've had a number of questions about Santa too. Here are a few highlights:

"Will Santa ring the doorbell?"
"Does Santa have a tushie crack?"
"Does Santa like clementines? Is he gonna eat mine?"
"Does Santa have a penis so he can stand up to pee?"
"Mama, if I a good girl, will Santa bring me lots of candy?"

I admit that I have used Santa as a way to promote courtesy and minimize whining around our house. I think it is working. When I asked Vivi if she knows what Santa does, she replied, "Santa brings presents to little kids who share and listen to their mamas." I think that is reason enough to perpetuate jolly ol' Saint Nick.


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