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I'll Have Another

I love going back and reading my blog.  It reminds me of things I had long forgotten and while it is not all sunshine and roses,  I am glad that the happier moments seem to outweigh the meltdowns.  I hope one day my girls will read it and understand a bit more about their early lives and have a little compassion for their poor mother.
I will be the first to admit that I have been terrible this year about recording our family shenanigans.  Life is busy and I seem to have zero time to do anything reflective during the day.  By the time my children have passed out, I'm not good for much outside of a little sewing and a little more reality TV.  Occasionally though something will happen like it did today and I think it must be recorded for posterity. This is my exchange with Jude after dinner tonight:
Jude:  Mama, can I have another popsicle?
Me:  No.  I think one is enough for tonight.
Jude:  But Elie said that she got another popsicle.
Me:  I think Elie is pulling your leg.
Jude:  W…