More Questions

There's something about seeing the world through my two year old's eyes that has made everything a little more interesting these days. While still in a somewhat demanding phase, Vivi also seems to have all sorts of questions about life and I welcome the opportunity to try and help her figure out the world around her. As I've blogged before, some of her questions I simply can't answer (what is love?) but for the most part, I can come up with something that is reasonably satisfying to her.

Here are some recent examples:

"Mama, does a birdie cry if it bonks its head in the woods?"
"Does Turtle like Chuka Salad?" (Asked recently when we ordered out for sushi.)
"When the sun goes to bed, does it have to brush its teeth first?"
"Mama, when I have big poops, you gonna say 'WHOA!'?"

The answer to all of these questions is yes.


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