Bad Colds and Pregnancy

Back in September, my husband and Vivi came down with a horrific cold. Both had runny noses, coughs, fevers, and were far too exhausted to do much of anything. They were a pathetic pair and I was their sympathetic caregiver who managed to come out of the whole thing without so much as a sniffle. This was not because I took extra precautions to wash my hands or refrained from eating Vivi's leftovers. (As if!) I reasoned that I didn't get sick because I am a pregnant lady with a superstar immune system.

Yeah, well, the jig is up and my superstar immune system ain't so super anymore. Since November came, Vivi and I have been sharing a cold back and forth. She feels fine for a day but then I'm wiped out. I feel better and she turns into a cranky monster who wipes her boogers anywhere she can reach. We're both too gross for words.

Amazingly, in all of this, Vivi seems to have associated being "pregnant" with being "sick." Last night, she asked, "Mama, are you pregnant?" When I replied that I was she offered me a tissue. This morning when she scampered across the hall and into bed with me, she asked again, "Mama, are you pregnant today?" I explained that I will be pregnant until Turtle decides to come out. She looked at me with a quizzical expression then proceeded to snuggle up to my belly as if it didn't matter.

Sick or pregnant or both? Who cares. I'll take the cuddles either way.


  1. It is no fun being pregnant and sick, I was in the same fix when pregnant for my first son. Hope this finds your family better, please come by sometime.


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