The Bad, The Ugly, and The Sweetest of All

The Bad
Thursday evening, in the midst of all of our pre-Halloween chaos, I remembered that I had signed-up to volunteer at our local library's book sale. Of course, when I put my name down weeks ago it didn't occur to me that Vivi's superhero costume wouldn't be done. I just thought a couple of hours of quiet time at the library would be a welcome retreat. When the day actually rolled around, I was a little scattered and really worn out but I did my duty and headed over to the library at six.

When I arrived, I had the following conversation with one of those ubiquitous old ladies who always seem to hover around the bake sale tables at these types of things:

Old Lady: So, when are you due?
Me: In March?
Old Lady: Whoa! Are you having twins?
Me: No. It's my second. I guess you show much earlier the second time.
Old Lady: Yeah, I guess I was HUGE with my second one too.

Nice. My official costume for Halloween is no longer doting mother of adorable superhero. I am a blimp.

The Ugly
Halloween morning, I packed Vivi up and headed off to the grand opening of Rhode Island's very first Trader Joe's. I was feeling celebratory and looking forward to our little toddler Halloween party later that afternoon. When we arrived it was MADNESS... PURE MADNESS!

I eventually found a parking spot and headed to the store to look for a cart. They were all taken so a few people started forming a line to grab one as the TJ's folks were retrieving them from exiting customers. When I reached the front of the line, some woman ran ahead and grabbed the next cart. When I politely explained that she probably didn't realize it but I was next, she looked at me holding Vivi on my hip and pronounced, "Too bad!" and headed into the store with my cart.

I decided that she was a word that I had the good sense not to say in front of my daughter. Then I promptly let it go. (One point for Mama for not swearing. Five extra points for not ramming her cart and kicking her in the shins like I really wanted to do.)

The Sweetest of All
Halloween was all that we could have hoped for and more. I finished Vivi's costume and she liked wearing it. All of her little friends came over and we had a party which was a ton of fun. After the party, she climbed the porch stairs of our neighbors and gleefully said "Trick or Treat" and "Happy Halloween!" while collecting some goodies. When we returned home with a few treats in her pumpkin, she burst through the door and yelled, "Daddy! Come and look. I got LOTS of candy!" It was an absolute delight to see how happy she was with the whole experience.

Now, I will happily accept payment for my seamstress duties in the form of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.


  1. I LOVE her costume! Nice work Sammy! And Mark get's big points too for dressing up. My dad NEVER dressed up on Halloween! :)


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