October seemed to come and go in one fell swoop and for the first time in a very long time, I actually know what happened.

First it started off with Vivi's fall on the neighbor's porch which led to a very loose tooth.  It only took one day and a bite out of an apple for the tooth to fall out.  From what we can surmise, she swallowed the tooth along with the apple although that didn't stop her from writing a note to the tooth fairy letting her know where she can leave the money.   Here's Vivi in all of her toothless glory and one whole dollar richer:

Seems that the same thing happened to her father at about the same age:

He only got a nickel.

Jude and Ellie are up to their usual antics-- climbing, playing, and learning to talk.  I am convinced that there is nothing better than a child between the age of 12 months and 24 months.  They are so full of curiosity and energy but not yet testing their boundaries.  They also haven't fully grasped the power of "no."  It is exhausting, of course, but for the first time since we found out I was growing twins, I am so happy to have two babies.  The joy is more than multiplied by two.  

Jude and Ellie are very generous with their kisses for each other.

By mid-month, my handsome husband turned another year older and we had a little celebration.  To commemorate turning 54, he has decided to train for another marathon.  Naturally....

I made a rather fabulous apple pie for his birthday which somehow did not make it into the picture.  I did work very hard at buying the chocolate cake from Whole Foods, however.

And, because things aren't busy enough around these parts, I decided to enroll in a Jewish education class for non-Jewish parents who are raising Jewish children.  Now, I am not exactly raising Jewish children but I am not exactly NOT.  (Yeah, we are all pretty confused around here.)  My husband couldn't care one way or another about preserving the Jewish traditions he grew up with but I think that our girls will be better off for having the exposure.  I don't see the need for absolutes and since I am picking and choosing what we are celebrating from my vaguely Christian background, why not do the same for his?  

Of course, it wouldn't be October if I didn't have a glue gun and the duct tape out.  Vivi was set on being a lollipop for Halloween and we decided to continue the candy theme and turn the Turtles into M&Ms.

They couldn't have been less enthused but they got lots of attention around the neighborhood.  Two teenaged boys actually told me they were adorable and a lady walking down the street exclaimed, "Oh the M&Ms, I've heard about them!"  Now, if I could  just figure out how to keep them this cute forever.

Onward to November....


  1. Great costumes! Love getting the updates on you and the family. Seriously though, I can't believe it's November already!!


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