Hush Little Baby

I know I complain a lot about the sleep situation around these parts.  Well, brace yourself, because here we go again. For the most part, Jude and Ellie go down with little trouble but it's the sleeping through the night that is challenging.  I know I am not the only one with this problem.

I did what I was supposed to. I was thoughtful and consistent.  I read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, a book that did help me give up the guilt when it came to "crying it out."  What it did not do, however, was help us with what to do with children who do not stay asleep.  Some nights will be fine.  Other nights, one will wake up and will NOT go back to sleep.  (I'm talking OVER AN HOUR of SCREAMING!)  Sometimes they just want to see me, other times they want to be held for a moment and then put down, and sometimes they want rocking and singing and constant contact.

So Dr. Marc Weissbluth, I am here to tell you that your theory that all kids can become good sleepers is a bunch of horse shit.*

I am thinking about this now that I am on my way to North Carolina with Vivi to visit my sister. I am taking the good sleeper with me and leaving my husband to fend for himself with Jude and Ellie.  I love him and hope that a sleep miracle occurs in my absence.  (Then, of course, I can feel grateful he survived the weekend and resentful that the sleep miracle didn't happen to me. That's just the kind of wife I am.)

*OK. OK.  I know Dr. Weissbluth has a relatively new book about twins and sleep but I absolutely refuse to take advice from someone who does not have multiples.  In my experience thus far, those experts have no clue.


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