Let the Party Begin!

Jude loves people and has been known to climb into the lap of anyone who happens to glance in her direction.  She greets every person we pass in a store with a boisterous "Hi!" which leads to numerous head-pats and smiles.  She loves being the center of attention so we always assumed that Jude was the party animal of our Turtle duo. 

You have probably heard the old guidance counselor bit of wisdom:  When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me?  Well, I am an ass because in the last month Ellie is all party, all the time.

For one thing, she is all about connecting with her peeps.  Ellie climbs on my desk, pokes at my laptop, and proudly demands that it is time to talk with Kai Kai.  Kai Kai is Aunt Katie, with whom we Skype on a regular basis.  Well, that is if Skyping is defined by kissing the screen and hogging the webcam. 

The love doesn't end with the computer though. When I took Jude out for some errands, Ellie was not pleased to be left behind.  Upon our return, however, Ellie greeted us at the doorway with a big hug and kiss for her sister.  

Ellie has been known to accessorize like her big sister and then proclaim, "FANCY!"  (Hmmm.... wonder where she learned that?)  She will burst into her favorite refrain of "LALALA" while tromping around in my high heels.  She loves to wake me up in the morning by calling my name as she climbs the stairs.  I let her climb into bed with me knowing that she inevitably will repeat her favorite joke, "Mama.  Milk.  Aw Gone. HA! HA!" as she pulls up on my shirt.

Yet, to know Ellie, is to know that every night after dinner (and sometimes, many times before then) is her time to dance.  I put on the stereo and she puts on her shades. 

That's when the party really begins.


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