I have this thing about hair. I've spent all my life being defined by my red locks and it has been both a blessing and a curse. For every person who admires the color, there is someone else who makes some stupid comment about how "fiery" redheads can be. The attention my hair brought me as a child was seldom welcomed and I've gotten enough Pippi Longstocking and Little Orphan Annie references to last a lifetime.

Sadly, it seems that the same fate is befalling my girls. No one appears to have red hair but Vivi has a head full of truly outstanding curls. It's next to impossible to go anywhere without someone pointing at her and smiling or commenting. It's never negative but it is attention paid to how she looks and that makes me a little uncomfortable. Just the other day, she stared at the mirror and said, "My hair is very curly and beautiful today." Well, yes it was but if I'm not on top of the hair everyday it very easily turns into dreadlocks. And dreadlocks on a 32 lb. half Jewish little girl rarely works.

It will be interesting to see what kind of hair the Turtles develop. Right now, they have their own unique styles of baby hairdos. Jude is rocking the Mr. T mohawk:

And Eliya has a reverse soul patch. Those may be cool on some hip, yet sensitive musician but on my 4-month old, it's kind of funny.

I recognize that I am pointing out the way my girls look. My rationale? I'm not doing it in front of them (just for all of cyberspace to see) and this is for posterity. Mama logic at its best...


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