If there is one thing that Vivi gets from me, it is the somewhat unsettling ability to sleep-talk. Not a night goes by that we don't hear her. Sometimes she is mumbling and difficult to understand and then other times I can carry on full-conversations with her while she is completely passed out in bed. Last Saturday night was just one of those occasions.

We were in VT and staying at my sister's house. I was in bed nursing one baby while Vivi was camped out on the floor next to me. At about 2 in the morning, we had this conversation:

Vivi: Mama, shut the door.

Me: Vivi, I need that light to help me feed the baby.

Vivi: Mama, I really tired and I want to sleep.

Me: OK, sweetheart, I'll close the door when I finish.

This was particularly ironic since she was completely asleep during our entire exchange. I never did close the door and of course, she had no memory of the conversation the next morning.

Last night, I found myself lying in bed and these were the thoughts running through my head: "Hey, you're lying on your belly. Finally! All those months of pregnancy and you couldn't sleep on your stomach and now here you are. So get to sleep. The babies are going to wake up soon so you need to sleep. Why can't I sleep? They'll be up soon. Must sleep. I'm so tired why can't I fall asleep? Argh!!!!!"

The difference between me and Vivi is that she has her conversations while sleeping and sleeping isn't something I do anymore.

One peaceful sleeper in this house...


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