It's no secret that I abhor the whole little girl as princess thing. I've blogged about it before and have been pretty happy that we have been relatively princess-free in this house. I understand that girls probably have a natural inclination toward dress-up and glittery things and I can respect that. (In fact, I love when Vivi gets into costume and engages in pretend play.) I just want that inclination to appear organically and not because it is being fostered by Disney commercials. The last thing I need is a preschooler with a bleary-eyed case of the gimmies.

So yesterday afternoon, after putting on layer after layer of homemade tutu goodness, Vivi announced that she was Princess Lolly from Candyland.

"Well Princess Lolly," I announced, "it's time for your nap."
"Mama, princesses don't take naps."

Geez, how quickly the rules change when the glitter comes out!


  1. I thought of you today and this entry, when my husband bought a new book for Ayla, it is titled "Do princesses where hiking boots?"

    Hope you are doing well!


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