Twin BFFs? Ummm.... I don't think so.

Jude and Elie are delightful little creatures.  They are extremely affectionate, curious, and love making people laugh.  They offer up stories about our home life to anyone who will listen, regardless of whether we know these people or not.  (Jude told a woman at the YMCA that "Elie had hair rubbing on her cheeks so she decided to get a little trim.") They enjoy their celebrity status at the Y and I am thankful for the loads of people offering to babysit.

My girls are wonderful... around other people.

At home, they are antagonistic wee beasties who spend the vast majority of their days being provocative and disagreeable.  This has been such an issue in our house, that we have decided to rename our children. 

Allow me introduce you to my twins:

This is Twin Explosive.  She wants what she wants (usually something pink) when she wants it (now) and she will yell, whine, or steal to get it.  She is always the first to stake her claim and is incredibly persnickety.  If I like it, it must be mine is her guiding principle in life.

This is Twin Subversive.  She can't possibly out-yell, out-demand, or overrule Twin Explosive so instead she does everything possible to needle her.  Incessantly.  Twin Subversive's favorite word is "Heh!"  As in, "Oh Elie, I got the pink cup.  Heh!"  Her guiding principal is life is I may be quiet but I can get loud reactions.   

These are the twins I live with.


  1. Certainly I love hearing how well my girls behave at preschool, AND how kind they always are to each other...I just hope my face doesn't betray my shock. HA! Our girlies generally get along pretty well, but they can actually get kind of physical with each other...and I can only imagine that would SHOCK almost anyone who "knows" them. ;)


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