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When Life Hands You Lemons...

I'm not really an optimist.  In fact, according to my husband and other reliable sources, I can be a real complainer sometimes.  I like to think it's part of my charm but I know he usually just finds me annoying. This was particularly evidenced by my behavior yesterday morning when my husband made smoothies for the girls.  Smoothies are always a hit in this house but when I got downstairs and saw that the pitcher and the girls' cups were mostly full, I knew something had gone horribly wrong.  Still, I decided that the smoothie was worth a try but I was so overwhelmed by the sweetness that I didn't make it past one sip. As the ray of sunshine that I am, I asked him what the hell happened to the smoothie.  He said it was fine and I went on to complain that the girls would have finished their cups if it was fine. Then I made the discovery that all the blueberries and deviled eggs were gone.  The blueberries went into the smoothie and the deviled eggs.... went into his be

What's in the Bag?

Hey, guess what my husband brought home from work today? When he asked me to take a look inside the bag he was carrying, I thought he had picked me up a treat at the bakery.  Umm... no.  What I found was a ziploc bag containing his  kidney stone and a plastic spoon which he apparently used to fish it out of the toilet.  Like a giddy kid who just made a cool discovery, he announced that he was going to send it off to the lab. I suppose the lab will tell him exactly what he wants to hear, "Congratulations Dr. B!  You just harvested your own kidney stone."


It's never a good sign when your husband wakes you up at 4:45 in the morning and asks you to go fill a prescription for Dilaudid .  It is even more disturbing when said husband has been up since 2 a.m. popping Percocet at double the rate of what is generally considered a standard dosage. Before I continue with the story of my husband and powerful opiates, let me tell you that he is a runner.  Actually, let's make that a RUNNER .  He has a very high pain threshold, eats ridiculously well, and is very well-versed in all sorts of ways to live a healthy lifestyle.  He is also a physician who has turned his traditional psychiatry practice into one where he relies on homeopathy and other energetic healing methods.  He is not a pill popper. So when he woke me up, I knew exactly what it was-- a kidney stone.  When I returned with the prescription an hour or so after he woke me, he was crawling on the floor, unable to speak, and was shaking uncontrollably.  He also had intermittent vo

What Happens When You Leave the Camera Lying Around...

One day, you'll flip the "review photos" setting on your camera and find things like this: And perhaps, if your daughter is anything like my daughter, you will find photos of ALL  her body parts. Even the parts that aren't suitable for internet publication. DELETE! Linking up to Simply Modern Mom's Glimpse Into Motherhood .

Running for the Hills

Hello Internet!  I am back from the abyss of home improvement, rainy days, my cleanse, various outings and disasters, as well as Vivi's last day of nursery school.  I survived it all and now we have this fancy thing on which I can relax: Of course, I am not the only one who uses our new deck.  How could you not spend a lot of time out there when you have a twin sister and conjoined adirondack chairs? And snacks.  Must not forget the snacks. It wasn't long after the deck was finished and the rain broke, that my husband decided we needed a little family outing.  So we drove to southern Rhode Island, slapped some numbers on our kids, enticed them with Pirate's Booty (or "Judy Moody" as Ellie calls it), and told them to run their little hearts out.   Which they did for a half mile.  Well, Jude and Vivi did.  Ellie stayed at the starting line with her snacks.  Are you sensing a theme here? "I'm taking you down, Mama."   Vivi did great and finis