Peace and Quiet

My girls spend a lot of time together.  Jude and Elie are inseparable for all the reasons associated with young twins and, apart from when she is in school, Vivi is home with them.  Vivi will often try to engage her sisters in her games which generally consist of bossing J&E around in the name of playing "school" or "dance class" or "summer camp."

The problem is that Jude and Elie drive Vivi crazy.  They don't listen.  They don't follow her directions and even worse, they are full of their own ideas.  Oh, and sometimes they just. won't. stop. touching. her. stuff.  The few harmonious moments of sibling love quickly spiral into a three-way battle for control.

I've tried to talk with Vivi about some of the ways that she can deal with her sisters.  Her first step is what we have called the counter-offensive.  She put this sign on her door:

This is Aviva's room.  Onle [only] mom and dad
can come in.

The second step we've referred to as her intelligence-collection stage.  Every morning before she leaves her room for breakfast, I hear Vivi shake her Magic 8 Ball and ask, "Will my sisters annoy me today?" and then I hear a grumble as she reads the Magic 8 Ball's answer:  It is decidedly so.

Having found the first two steps to be useless, the poor child informed me of her latest plan.  Yesterday Aviva said, "Mama, I know what I am going to ask Santa for this year." When I asked what that was, her eyes lit up and she said, "I want some peace and quiet from my sisters!"

That's a sure-fire way to prove to my 6 year-old that there isn't a Santa Claus.


  1. oh I love it, I could so see a couple of my kids saying that same thing


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