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First Day of the Rest of MY Life

Today I am home.  Alone. The girls started school on Tuesday so that makes today the second day this week that I have been wandering the hallowed halls of Chez Mama Mama by myself. And it feels so good. I thought I would be really sad to send Vivi off to first grade and my wee Turtles off to nursery school but I am not.  Vivi was thrilled to go back and  I got to have a good solid week with just her before school started.  We went to the movies, cleaned out her clothes and did school shopping, took the train to Boston and visited the science museum, and had an all-around fantastic time.  It was a great way to end the summer. Jude and Elie got their share of camp and adventures this summer too.  We made bubbles and sidewalk paint. We had picnics at the park and worked in our garden.  We went to the beach.  We saw fireworks and decorated our shed with colored shaving cream. We did a lot and for the most part we enjoyed it all.  Of course, the idea of going to sc