Dear Mr. President

Vivi loves Obama.  It all started during the 2008 election when her dad and I talked at great length about politics.  We were so happy to see George W. Bush go that I think our enthusiasm was contagious.  She obviously didn't know anything about the implications of one winner versus another but she decided early on that Obama was her "new best friend."  She was only two then but when my husband came home with this "Obama nightgown" she was delighted. 

Now, with another election upon us, Vivi is just as enthusiastic about Obama.  So much so that she wrote him a letter.  Actually, more like a book since she is just as enthusiastic about using her stapler.

This is the main page but there are a few others with "You Rock Obama" surrounded by even more stickers and a page with Vivi's stats and address so Obama can write her back. We included the picture below and she sent it off.

My six-year old certainly picks up on our feelings about the election and our strong distaste for Mitt Romney but she is pretty good at deciding what is important to her.  When my husband I were discussing Romney's declaration that he would cut all federal funding for PBS, Vivi angrily declared, "I think Mitt Romney hates kids!"

I am just glad that she isn't old enough to understand what he meant by his 47% comment.


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