Caring About Sharing

Well, I didn't make my goal of blogging every day this month but at least I had a good reason-- pinworms.

Internet, that may be the only time I use the word good and pinworms in the same sentence.

My house is proof that it makes no difference how neat and tidy you are, sometimes kids catch some pretty undesirable stuff.  After dealing with head lice and pinworms in the span of six weeks, I can attest to just how undesirable those things are.

By the way, undesirable is a nice way of saying really, freaking gross.

After wiping Elie's bum and discovering that she had worms, I did what any caring mother would do. I sat down and cried at my bad luck.  Yes, because it is always about the mother.  

When I told Elie that worms were the reason she had such a sore bummie, she said in a very concerned voice, "Oh no. This is such bad news.  I hope my sister Jude doesn't get the wormies."

And like most twins, they shared that too.


  1. Aw, shoot. I remember my mom telling me about HER little sister having these, and their mom having to shine a flashlight on her anus to catch the worms coming out at night. She attributed her sister's worms to nail biting, and not keeping her nails short. Now my sister, our kids, and I are all fanatical nail clipper-ers.

    Do you have to do the flashlight thing???

  2. Oh, dear. You have had so much more than your fair share. Bless Elie's soul for worrying about her sister! Sorry it didn't help, though. :/

    Sending vibes for better luck for the balance of the year!!!


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