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The Family Car

The thing about discovering you are pregnant with twins is that it changes your vision for what you expect your life to be. My husband and I were very likely going to stop at two children but now that I am cooking twins, there is no question that we are done. All the fun family vacations I envisioned with a preschooler and an infant seem logistically or financially impossible now that we'll have an extra child. The home I plan to birth these Turtles in will very likely not accommodate three adolescents without a serious reconfiguration of space or an addition. And then there is the car... We currently own a Toyota Prius and were quite saddened to discover that it simply can not fit three car seats in the back seat. We did the seat check soon after my "diagnosis" with twins but somehow, in my late pregnancy brilliance, I wanted to wait until the babies came before we bought a new car. My reasoning was that I am going to be too tired and overwhelmed to leave the hou

Inappropriate Behavior

It seems that pregnancy can bring out the worst in people. I'm not talking about the pregnant woman herself but others. I have encountered enough random people who feel the need to touch, comment, or ask inappropriate questions to last a lifetime. Here's a recent sampling: "Did you use fertility drugs or what?" This was asked by the lab tech who drew my blood. "So, just between you and me, how much weight have you gained?" From a woman who recently cut my hair for the first time. "Well, at least you don't have eight in there." From various people who learn that I am carrying twins. "Sam, you are HUGE! I mean, you have to be the biggest pregnant woman I have ever seen!" From a neighborhood acquaintance who had not seen me in a while. I have to admit that I have been so shocked by some of these comments that I have mostly laughed in response. Still, it bothers me. It's no one's business if I ended up with twins be

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Everyone with more than one child has told me that when the next one comes along, or in my case, the next two, the first child will seem infinitely more mature than s/he did before there was a sibling. Well, the Turtles haven't arrived yet but Vivi already seems like a really big girl to me. It's a bittersweet feeling. I love that Vivi is really excited about the pregnancy and the upcoming arrival of her siblings. She really does get it. Lately, she's been "childproofing" the house-- moving things that she doesn't think the Turtles should have access to. When I couldn't find the scotch tape that normally sits in a basket on my desk, Vivi said that she moved it high up on my bookcase. (This required her to stand on a stool to do it.) Cups, remote controls, jewelry, and various small toys have all gone missing at various times. When I ask where they are, I get the same response: "Mama, Turtles can't have that. I put it away." Yesterday, whil


Wednesday started off as a really promising day. It was sunny and warm and I got quite a few things done including going to the grocery store, cooking a fabulous dinner for my husband's friend and daughter who were in town, and meeting with my midwife. The prenatal appointment was the high point. My midwife continued to be impressed with my low blood pressure and absence of swelling. My Group B Strep test came back negative and there was no protein in my urine-- all great signs. She said, "I'm not sure if this is good news or bad news for you but I think you can carry these babies to 40 weeks." I told her it was great news and I was feeling great! Well, then 4:30 hit and I could barely move. I was EXHAUSTED beyond measure. My husband arrived home from work and I told him that I was feeling really off and I wasn't sure I could be good company for his friends. Then I felt guilty and stayed up through dinner anyway. His friends left at 8:30 and I was in b

The Final Stretch

At 36 weeks and counting, we are literally and figuratively in the final stretch of the Turtles' gestation. My clothes are ridiculously snug and the men's long underwear tops that I've counted on during most of my pregnancy are no longer fully covering my belly. The highly-elasticized pregnancy pants are just too tight around my "waist" so I end up wearing them low enough for my butt crack to appear. I've got some skin perpetually exposed that I make for a pathetic site indeed. Despite the inevitable clothing frustrations, I am relieved to still be pregnant. I finish my 36th week today which means that I officially qualify for a homebirth. The babies are both vertex and a great size and I'm feeling very optimistic that I will have a safe and fulfilling birth experience. I've got my supplies together, a wonderful team of midwives and support people, and an emergency back-up plan. Vivi is looking forward to having a big adventure at her friend Sa