Guess What I Got for My Birthday?

I have decided that I need a goal.

Something really meaningful.  Something I think I can achieve.  Not the usual lets see if I can get all 12 loads of laundry done today nonsense.

My goal is to blog every day this month and, unlike the laundry, I am actually looking forward to it!

Soooo, with that being said, do you want to know what yours truly got for her 36th birthday?

Here it is:

A pretty awesome "birthday sculpture" made from the recycle bin.

My favorite vanilla cake from my favorite bakery.

Too many birthday snuggles to count.

Oh yeah, and head lice.

And let me tell you folks, that is the gift that keeps on giving.

The girls were all in the tub and I was doing my usual bathroom ritual which involves searching my head for gray hairs and promptly plucking them.  (Hey, it takes work to look this good.  Hardee har har...)  Anyway, while perusing my scalp what to my wondering eyes should appear?  A bug.

My first thought:  Damn fruit flies!  My second thought:  No way!?  It couldn't be.  SHIT!!!!!!!

I frantically told Vivi not to drown her sisters while I ran down the stairs and googled "head lice."  The screams that came from my lips grew louder and more intense as I read each symptom.  This could not be happening to us.  My kids have the dirtiest hair in town!  (Lice prefer clean scalps.)  I am too old!  My kids won't wear their own hats much less anyone else's!  Nooooo!  Not us!!!

And it was ALL five of us.  Vivi was clearly the vector who gave it to J&E who love to climb into bed with us at night and, well, that's how my husband and I got it.

So I did what any lice-fearing mother with OCD tendencies would do.  I cut off everyone's hair and then I had my husband take off most of mine.  (I was really sad to see those eight inches go.)  Then I started combing, combing, and combing.  When I wasn't combing, I was washing, washing, and washing. 

After three rounds of cetaphil, ten days straight of combing, 20+ loads of wash, missed school, 10 garbage bags stuffed with everything from plush toys to couch cushions, I pronounced our family and home lice free.

As far as the haircuts go, they aren't too bad:  

Vivi can still accessorize which is very important.

Jude and Elie were fine after I explained that their "piggy tails" would grow back.

In fact, Elie (left) liked the idea of the haircut so much that she got up in the middle of the night a few days later and decided to cut her bangs off.

A truly memorable birthday....



    At least your kiddos look adorable and you got cake, right???

    Happy belated birthday! And YEA for 30 days of posts!

  2. looking forward to it mama. hopefully i'll have something to post sometime this month, although this morning i feel i might be pregnant forEVER. we will see if i make Guiness Book of Records. . . we will see.


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