Dress Up

When I was a little girl, I loved to dress up. My mother would buy old prom and wedding dresses from the Salvation Army and we had a trunk stuffed with them. They were big and bright and gaudy dresses which made them absolutely beautiful to our elementary school sensibilities. We prided ourselves on our thrift store finery.

The urge to dress up still hits us even now. Last year on a trip home to Vermont, my sister Jane and I got ourselves dolled up in her old prom dresses and my sister Katie's million or so bridesmaid gowns. (Ahhh... always a bride's maid, never a bride.) We did a very classy photo shoot to boot.

So it is no surprise that upon waking this morning, I find my big girl all dressed and ready to start the day. Here she is:


  1. that's fantastic. I've been collecting scarves, baubles, castoff dresses, and other frilly things in a suitcase for M&R to present to them as one of their third b-day gifts. So fun!

  2. what an adorable photo of vivi! when the turtles get older, all three girls will have a grand time dressing up! =D


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