Do I Know You From Somewhere?

According to all the parenting books and magazines I've read over the last three years, babies enjoy looking at people's faces. I didn't think they had discriminating face preferences which is why I find it so curious that my Turtles haven't seemed interested in each other. It's not a general face aversion-- they are more than interested in everyone else's! When seated across from each other, however, their apathy is stunning.

I'm not sure why this is. (Damn those useless parenting books...) My best conclusion is that they are so used to seeing the face of the other that it's more like scenery than anything else. Babies at this young age don't seem to have a sense of self but maybe they don't see their twin as a separate person. It's all very confusing to me and my conclusion isn't very satisfying.

It has been a challenge at times to adapt myself to my new identity as a multiple-baby mama. Twins seem to bring many more questions about their very being in this world than my singleton ever did. The ability to watch two babies interact with each other on a 24/7 basis makes me think about things I never had to think about with Vivi.

Like all my twin-raising questions, the answer never seems to matter, if it even comes at all, because everything changes so quickly. In one delightfully brilliant moment, the Turtles finally look at each other as if to say, "Hey there, don't I know you from somewhere?"

Silly cousins included!


  1. It took FOREVER (well, forever in newborn time) for Maddie and Riley to have any interest in each other whatsoever. Many of my twin mom friends would report that their newborn twins loved to snuggle with each other, soothe each other, etc. Not M&R. They seemed oblivious that there was another baby around.

    But ever so slowly, they became best friends. I think it's only recently that they understand that they are two separate people, not one united being. It's lovely to watch them love each other.


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