A New Day

Last night I made a conscious decision to trade in my crabby pants for crafty pants. The evening was no less crazy but the chaos was punctuated by moments of real sweetness. As I was preparing our 10 minute stir-fry dinner, Vivi proclaimed, "Oooh, I love the baby corns and I love the mama corns too!" She also informed me that her hair "looked really curly and cute today" and that one of her peers "has got a lot of problems" because he frequently acts out and makes her cry. A perky narcissist or a highly opinionated shrink-- my child might be both but her comments brought some levity to a normally stressful time of day.

So after we managed to get all the kids to bed, I busted out my sewing machine. I've been feeling pretty terrible that a lot of my green living practices have been thrown out the highly insulated window since the Turtles came along. The dryer runs almost daily and we have gone from putting out one bag of trash to a minimum of three every week. I'm not about to start up with cloth diapers again (at least not until the babies aren't peeing 20X a day) so I thought I could at least create something to minimize our plastic sandwich bag use. Enter my reusable snack sacks:

I took some cotton fabric, lined it with nylon, and attached some velcro and a ribbon. Voila! Something I can wipe out with a sponge instead of tossing in the trash.

Now if I could just get my kids cleaned up as quickly...


  1. Those are wonderful! We use an insane amount of zip-top bags. I try to wash them and reuse them, but even that is not ideal.

    You're my hero :).

  2. No, YOU are my hero. Every day since these twins entered my life I have thought of you and marveled at how you have managed to raise two very sweet kids under such difficult circumstances.


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