Cranky Pants

I've been a real cranky pants the last few days. I find myself yelling at Vivi for... well, for being three. It has gotten so bad that her frequent response to my crankiness is to yell back at me, "MAMA! DON'T SAY THAT!!!" I realize on some level that her behavior seldom deserves the response I give her but by the end of the day I am just so spent that it takes very little to push me over the edge. I mean, God, how many times do I have to tell her to stop blowing bubbles in her juice?

My crankiness isn't something I save for home. It has made its way into the public domain too. Vivi and I made a quick trip to Whole Foods to get some milk and, as I've been known to do lately, I bribed her with a cookie so she'd hold it together while I got a few more errands done. As we were waiting behind a man and a woman standing in front of the cookie display, I saw the man reach bare-handed into the cupboard and grab a roll. He proceeded to touch the roll all over and then handed it to the woman to touch. After the big touch-a-thon, the man started to put the roll back in the cupboard. Disgusted I said, "Could you please not return the roll you touched to the cupboard?" He did it anyway and that is when I noticed that the woman he was with was blind. Nice, eh? (Blind or not, I still think they shouldn't be putting their hands all over food that they are going to leave for someone else to buy.)

Now that poor Vivi has gotten to see Cranky Mama in action a lot these days, it seems that she is processing it all through her teddy bear. The other day my sister overheard Vivi saying the following in a very exasperated tone: "Big Ted, I nurse you. I change you. I play with you but still you cry, cry, cry."

Hmmm.... I wonder where she picked that up?


  1. Crankiness in the public domain: welcome to my life! I hear you.

    Maddie yelled at me this morning, "Mama! Don't be so MEAN to me!"

    Sigh. I must frequently remind myself that we're all doing the best that we can.


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