Big Sister

Since the Turtles arrived in early March, Vivi has enjoyed her role as a big sister. While she seems to be holding a grudge against me and my husband for not being as available to her, she doesn't take it out on Jude and Eliya. Vivi adores them and it is not uncommon for me to find her holding their hands while she extols the virtues of being older.

During dinner last night, my husband and I were attempting to eat with a baby perched in one arm. Vivi, apparently feeling that the babies were missing out on something, looked at Jude and said, "Jude Bug, you are too small for quinoa and shrimp but I can give you a snuggle."

Because Vivi has no shortage of love to give, we've had to train her on when it is appropriate to play with them. We've taught her that if she is making faces at them and they start to fuss or turn away, she needs to give them their space. We also have a strict rule that Vivi is not to touch Jude and Eliya while they are sleeping. As I've written before, sleep is a very precious commodity in this house and an "accidental" awakening is a surefire way to send me into psychomama mode. And nobody likes psychomama.

Yesterday afternoon, both babies were asleep in their carseats and Vivi was sitting quietly looking at books. I told her that I was going to run down to the basement and get the laundry. When I came upstairs, Vivi was shaking a rattle in Jude's face. UGH!

"Did you wake Jude up?" I asked in a calm but semi-annoyed tone.
"Mama, I was shaking this ball and she just woked up."
"That's quite a coincidence. Why did you shake the rattle?"
"Because you won't let me touch them when they are asleep."

Outsmarted again.


  1. yep, this is a FUN age. =P and testing age too. sigh. all we can do is hold on tight as we continue to ride on this roller coaster called "parenthood." =)


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