Two Versions of the Same Story

Last night, my husband had a hot date with his friend to watch the men's Olympic marathon so Vivi and I were home alone. I really don't mind having a girl's only evening since it usually means a couple of hours to myself after Vivi goes to bed. It's the big events that often happen before bed that often make me wish for some parental reinforcement.

Vivi and I agree on the basics of what happened last night: Daddy left at about 7:30 and we were planning on taking an evening stroll around the neighborhood before bed. As I was getting a clean diaper for her, Vivi went out the front door.

This is how Vivi relayed the story of what happened to Daddy this morning:

"I go outside on sidewalk and Mama say stop. I no stop. I going faaaasst. Mama run and catch me and I say 'Sorry, mama.' Mama very angry. Mama say no safe for me. I get big boo boo in street. Mama say Vivi sit on naughty step for two minutes. I sittin' and mama in livin' room and she very angry. Mama say I get off naughty step and I say 'Sorry mama. I no run away. I dangerous.' "

What Vivi recalled was pretty accurate. What she neglected to tell her Daddy was that she was running down the sidewalk totally naked carrying a purse on her shoulder and a big teddy bear in her arms. Three neighbors came out of their house and a couple walking down the street witnessed the spectacle as I, her pregnant mother who looks like she is carrying a litter of puppies, ran after her and caught her half a block away.

She also forgot to tell her Daddy that after time out, I had to put her in the tub because she "was all sweaty" from "her run." She got all cleaned up and when I got her jammies on, she asked, "Mama, now we go for stroll 'round neighborhood?"


  1. I almost just peed my pants. I wish our kids knew each other - they would get in SO much trouble together. I have the male version of your daughter. :)



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