Mistakes of the Past

Yesterday morning I noticed that Vivi had scribbled all over my husband's meditation cushion with a black Sharpie marker. Granted, we don't do a lot of (or in my case, any) meditation around the house these days so the cushion has become more of a throne for our toddler. Nonetheless, I was horrified to see Vivi's mark.

Mama: "Hey V, I see that you drew on Daddy's cushion."
Vivi: "Yes mama. I do dat when I was two."
Mama: "Oh really? How old are you now?"
Vivi: "Mama, I five. I know better."

In other news, Vivi has started pulling the arms out of her doll Mariella's sockets. When I tell her that losing an arm really hurts Mariella, she seems completely unfazed. Personally, I must admit that finding a doll's dismembered arm tucked between the couch cushions REALLY freaks me out.

Note to self: Keep an extremely close eye on Turtle when s/he arrives.


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