I should have known better. Vivi fell asleep in the car around 11:30 this morning and instead of taking her straight upstairs to her room and letting her sleep, I woke her up with the hope of getting some lunch into her. I thought she'd sleep longer on a full stomach.


After lunch, I read her a story and put her down in her crib. It was 12:15. At 12:30, I hear, "MAMA! MAAAAAMAAAA! MAAAMAAA? Come here please." I yelled up the stairs, "Vivi. It's time for a rest. I'll come up after you sleep."

Clearly, she needed to up the ante. "MAMA!! I takin' my diaper off." Oh god. I went upstairs and found her naked from the waist down. I said, "Vivi, did you go peepee in your bed?" She replied no and when I asked if she needed to use the potty, she again replied no. I put the diaper back on her, read her a story, and said, "Time for your rest. Mama will come back after your sleep and we'll go to the park."

Ten minutes later, I hear, "MAMA! MAAAAMMMAAAA! Where are you? I take my diaper off and pee on my bed." Indeed, she had and not only on her sheet but on three (!) of her stuffed animals. Was she just running in circles while urinating? I pulled her out of the crib and she said, "Mama. I get clean sheet and pillowcase for you."


After I get the crib cleaned up, I decided to take her downstairs. I wanted to air the mattress out and I figured she might sleep on the couch. I settled her (diaperless) on our loveseat and after some negotiation, promised to lie on our other couch. Well, she stayed put and talked to herself. I, on the other hand, fell asleep.

When I awoke about 20 minutes later, she was still talking to herself. I said, "Vivi, do you want to come over here and snuggle with Mama?" She said, "Mama, I stay on that couch with you but I snuggle with Turtle (the name she gave my growing belly)." She proceeded to climb on to the couch, kiss my belly, stick her finger in my belly button, and fall asleep in less than a minute.

And I thought having another baby would make things more complicated!


  1. I have not been over to visit your blog in a while--I've been too busy with all the happenings in my head.

    But I'm so glad to have made my way over so that I can say CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy! How exciting.

    I also wanted to say thank you for the comments you've been leaving at my blog. They have been helpful and inspiring.

    Have a great long weekend . . .


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