Escape Artist

I knew on Wednesday that something was up. I put Vivi down for her nap at around 12:30. She was clearly tired and went into her crib with little protest. Within five minutes, I heard her talking to herself. She sounded pretty happy so I left her there and she soon got quiet again. About half an hour passed and I heard her again. Since she wasn't yelling for me, I didn't check on her. Then the talking and the noise started to increase and I had an inkling that I should probably see what was up.

I was glad I did. When I opened the door to the room, she was sitting on the futon and tearing pages out of her books. She proudly exclaimed, "I eating paper all up!"

Now, I've known that she could climb out of her crib for a while but since she has never done it during nap time before, I guess I didn't think it would actually happen. Why not? Because I am clueless, that's why. (To be fair to myself, I suppose that eating her books wasn't the first thing I thought she would do upon her escape either.)

Luckily, we haven't had any escapes since. On Wednesday night, she was so exhausted from not napping that she fell asleep at 6:30 and slept twelve hours straight. Then yesterday, we were out of the house most of the day and she napped in the car. Last night, she didn't want to go to sleep and proceeded to yell various incarnations of "Mama" for ten minutes. When I finally couldn't take it anymore and yelled upstairs, "Goooooood Night, Vivi." Ten minutes of various incarnations of "Daddy" ensued. Still, she stayed in her crib.

Today, she will be napping at home and my husband and I will be undertaking the inevitable task of parenting a toddler: perusing the IKEA website for a big girl bed.


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