Babies, Babies Everywhere...

My husband, Vivi, and I have a very important meeting tonight. Normally, a very important meeting on a Monday night would involve me, the TV, a bad reality show, and a telephone with speed dial to my friend Kathy. Alas, this is no such rendezvous. Our meeting tonight is with our midwife to inspect the little critter that took up residence in my belly about twelve weeks ago. Yup, that's right, I'm pregnant and we couldn't be happier!

Some observations about being pregnant the second time around:

-I just knew. I had a good idea the first time but that was because we had been trying to get pregnant and I felt the odds were in my favor. This time I actually knew within a couple of weeks that something within my body was very different and we weren't trying.

-It is crucial to have Vivi clean up her toys before bed. Last night, I got up to use the bathroom and stepped on a lego. Swearing while hobbling around on one foot can't be good for a growing baby.

-You really are more tired the second time around. I remember feeling like I'd been hit by a truck the first couple of months of my pregnancy with Vivi. I've discovered that there is nothing more exhausting than feeling like you've been hit by a truck and not being able to lie down because you have a toddler to look after. That's how I feel now.

-Potty-training and pregnancy is a messy combination in this household. Vivi has regressed and has started peeing and pooping everywhere BUT the potty. Her location of choice is under our piano. When she notifies me of her evacuation, she'll say, "Mama, I just poop under piano. You upset?!"

-While we are very excited to have another child, I have not been an anxious pain-in-the-ass like I was the first time. Prenatal care? Well, I guess I should get around to calling my midwife. (Hence the first visit at 12 weeks.) Goat cheese? I'm going to eat it and enjoy every creamy bit of it. Review those baby books? Maybe, I'll get to that but it's unlikely.

-I am showing, showing, and showing. After a big meal, I look about six months pregnant and yesterday, I had to bust out my skirt with the elastic waist. I didn't wear maternity clothes until I was at least 5 months along with Vivi. Now, there is no secret.

-Vivi has named the baby "Turtle" and that's what we've been calling it. She likes to lift up my shirt, put her head on my belly, and say, "Hi Turtle. I big sister. You gonna get big and come out. Call me back later. Bye."


  1. Congrats, Sam! I wish you all the best now that you'll be Mommy x2.

  2. Congratulations Sam and Mark! I'm so pleased that sane, intelligent people are still having babies :)


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