You Heard It Here First. My Family Is a Security Threat.

We are back from California and settling into our permanent home again.  As our first vacation as a family of five, it was fairly successful.  There were some bumps and bugs and very little sleep but overall, I am not so completely traumatized by it that we will likely consider doing it again next year.  That's the best possible outcome, I think.

Nonetheless, a few things became glaringly clear to me while we were on vacation in California. Want to hear my revelations?  Sure, you do.

The first is that no matter how much space you have on a plane, there is never enough room. We were very lucky to have had three rows to ourselves in the back of the plane on our trip to San Francisco but the girls somehow managed to sprawl out all over the place.  My husband and I made it through with lots of legs in the lap and elbows in the face.

The second is that if one plane trip is relatively painless, the other will not be.  Our return home on Tuesday was marked by one snafu after another.  We were somehow labeled as a security issue at SFO airport which resulted in all of our carry-ons being unpacked and searched.  There were diapers, snacks, books, and assorted other items strewn all over the security area. My husband's box of fifty or so homeopathic remedies was dumped and the girls were running wild in their stocking feet since our stroller and shoes were also sequestered.  My husband and I were then frisked publicly which has to be one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. It also was not a comforting sight for Ellie who was sobbing uncontrollably during the whole thing.  By the time we were deemed harmless and sent on our merry way, the plane was boarding.  That's when Jude decided to puke in the waiting area. Ellie at least had the patience to wait until we were strapped in and taking off.  Unfortunately, her patience did not mitigate the fact that she covered me and herself in vomit.  Oh, and did I mention that Vivi vomits at the mere sound of another person upchucking? There you have it.

The third revelation is that I am really a California person trapped on  the East Coast.  I truly believe that I was meant to live in a place where there is virtually no humidity, where even summer nights cool down, where composting is a way of life, and where strawberries actually taste like strawberries.... even in March!

In light of all this, I think our trip can best be summed up by this photo of our little rascal Ellie in Muir Woods.

It's my Glimpse Into Motherhood this week. (Thanks to Simply Modern Mom who featured my photo from last week!)


  1. You are so brave to want to try that again!

  2. Oh my! I think you are my hero for the week. I can't imagine flying with our girls, let alone dealing with two puking girls....

  3. Wow, that totally beats Linna peeing on the seat in first class (an upgrade!) on our flight home from New Orleans.

    You are a brave, brave woman!

    By the way, Utah has all of those qualities (just not in March)...keep it on your list of potential places to visit for next time, okay?

  4. Hee! Hee! Great photo.

    I just had another fun conversation about airports yesterday.

    My father-in-law just got back from Florida and much to his surprise after security checked his computer they didn't put it back in the bag. It is now up to him to pay for it to be flown back as security, realising they still had it sent it to lost and found.


  5. Oh my! So sorry about your airport experience. Your poor kiddos (and you too).


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