I've Got Nothing.

Today is my day to wax poetic about the time I spent doing something for myself this week. Well, I've got nothing.  

With all the travel and stomach viruses, I didn't have much time to think about myself.  I spent some time getting caught up on my internet pursuits which sounds far dirtier than it actually is. Somehow wasting time on the internet doesn't make me feel all sparkly and hot mama-ish.  It just makes me a hot, boring mess.

Can you even be a hot mess without eye liner?


  1. You always make me laugh!
    I don't know about the eyeliner!

  2. Sometimes even the tiniest things we do can count. I'm not sure what you internet pursuits are, but I wonder if this might count :)

  3. The internet totally counts, esp if you had a cup of tea while reading :)


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