Felt and Solitude

As noted in a recent post, I've been bogged down by sickness.  Not my own, of course, but by that of my family.  I am sure that I will get sick as soon as we hop on the plane for San Francisco tomorrow.  Our first family vacation since the Turtles were born is no doubt a good time for the dreaded stomach bug to come and bite me in the ass.

Normally, I am not such a pessimist but given all the illness that surrounds me and our lack of decent options for school (we won no charter school lottery), I am feeling like I am living a little less on the bright side these days.

Since it is Friday, it is also time to report what I have done for my me time.  Well, there isn't much to report.  I realized this morning that I have not been to the Y all week, haven't prepared one decent meal, and the last time I showered was Monday.  (The dry brushing felt great, however!)  I gross myself out sometimes.

The upshot of my week was that once all the sickies were in bed, I sat down at my dining room table and worked on this:

It's a felt car mat for my daughter's nursery school's silent auction.  I'm not doing this for me, per se, but I've liked the quiet solitude that comes with working on this project.  It's not close to finished but with a deadline looming, I'm going to have to get it gussied up right quick.


  1. You have skills! That looks fantastic and fun to play with.

  2. LOVE the car mat! So cute. I saw one on a blog where they made a mat like that inside a tin, so that it was portable! I want to make one for Mr. Mischief, but that's not a priority right now...
    Anyway, I hope you don't get sick! Thanks for linking up and have a great vacation!

  3. dang it, another person has beat me to making a felt play mat. so cool. Did you use a hot glue gun? it's going to be the score of the auction. Awesome.


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