Happy Birthday Turtles! Happy Family Trip!!!

On Sunday, the terrific Turtle twosome turned two and we celebrated by taking a family trip to California!

Good Morning Birthday Girls!

I'll just borrow my big sister's shoes to get gussied up for my party.  I am two after all.

Ellie's pretty impressed with this "birthday" pretzel.

Being two means that you get bigger bibs and glass plates (because that's all Aunt Annie had!)

Smile everyone and try not to look massively jet-lagged and sleep-deprived!

I love that chubby little two-year-old hand that snuck into the picture.

That was delicious!

Time to open some birthday books that mommy smuggled in her suitcase.

Thank goodness Mama forgot to clip my nails.

Breakfast for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Off to have more California adventures!


  1. Happy Birthday Turtles! Love it!

  2. Birthday wished to your little ones.

  3. Happy Birthday sweet turtles! I hope you had a grand day!

  4. happy birthday girls!! twins are soo much fun!


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