Why Motherhood Sucks

About once a year, someone in this house gets really sick. Within a day, someone else will get it. Then another person goes out of commission. Before we know it, Mama is the only one left standing.  

Welcome to my week.

I've been wiping goopy, pink eyes since last Friday.  I've been a walking handkerchief  for my children's boogers and sneezes.  I've force fed applesauce and pedialyte only to have it vomited up all over my floors.   I've settled babies who call out for our cleaning lady in the middle of the night because they are stuck in some sort of feverish, dream-like state.  I've made my husband tea to help soothe his laryngitis.  I've snuggled and watched more television than I ever thought possible.  And because I am participating in the Glimpse Into Motherhood Project, I documented the whole nasty week. 

Ellie snuggling with Daddy on Saturday afternoon.  Never a good sign.

Vivi was the first to get sick.  Here she has passed out on the couch.  Illness will never prevent her from being fancy, however.  Notice the high heels.

Sleeping Vivi means an opportunity for Ellie to get her greedy little paws on those shoes!

Not 24 hours later, this is how I discovered my feverish Jude.  All snuggled with Panda Bayah asleep on the couch.

Since Jude got a snuggly place to sleep, Ellie made her own bed on the floor next to her.

And less than 24 hours after THAT, guess who has taken Jude's place on the couch?  It's the high heel thief!

Of course, Jude still wasn't feeling better.

That's when Ellie rescinded the couch to Jude and fell asleep hanging off the chair.

Now, who wants to come over???


  1. OH MAN! This is a rough week, made me want to come over and help you sterilize your house, if i lived in RI i would. take care.

  2. Poor babies. I'm in the same boat. Ky is running a fever and everyone has a cough. No one has puked yet, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it won't happen.

    Hope everyone is better soon!

  3. Oh how awful, awful, awful for you. Here's hoping everyone feels better soon and either A. you don't get it, or B. EVERYONE waits on you hand and foot because you deserve it.

  4. Oh boy, Sam, I don't know how you do it! But great blogging...I don't think I've read it since you first started. Sorry. Will have to start checking more regularly!

  5. Wow! It both rains and pours! I'm wondering (since I'm still new to this mommy thing) when mom gets to have a day to lay around and have tea made for her?

  6. Aww, poor family. I hope everyone feels better soon.

  7. I am so sorry, I had one really sick girl this week and it was enough to do me in! You are awesome! Hang in there I hope things are looking up for you guys.

  8. Visiting from Project 52. Thanks for sharing your pics! Hope everyone gets better fast!! Hang in there :)

  9. Oh my...sad pictures! And somehow, I was giggling throughout. I feel for you, mama. Hope y'all get better right soon. :)


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