School Part II

Vivi, in all her three year old charm, started school on Thursday. It was a big event around this place. Vivi was excited. Daddy was excited. Mama was REALLY excited. The Turtles even seemed excited.

When Vivi awoke for school, she informed me that she wanted to wear a dress because she needed "to look stylish." I told her that it was probably a little chilly for a dress but she wasn't swayed. "I'll just wear my leg warmers then."

And there you have it:

So far, we have been pleased with the nursery school we have chosen for Vivi. It is a small, local cooperative where the teachers are progressive and the format is entirely "child-led." The community of parents seems happy and the work involved appears not to be too onerous. I think our whole family is going to get a lot out of it and I am really looking forward to that.


  1. I want those tights! And the shoes! Heck, the dress, too! Vivi looks gorgeous, and I'm so glad the preschool feels like a good fit. I'm digging the preschool thing. Their curiosity at this age is amazing.

  2. looks stylish to me. very indie.

  3. She is totally a stylish little girl. I need a pair of leg warmers!

  4. She is so cute! I think I need to get some leg warmers for Miss Ayla.


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