Growing Up

It seems we are all getting older around here. Our Labor Day weekend was spent celebrating various milestones, including my birthday and the Turtles' six months of life. With each passing month, time seems to speed up so much so that my birthday came like a hurricane-force wind and knocked me on my extra-cushioned ass. I barely had a chance to catch my breath from the preceding year.


Now, here I am 33 years old and thinking that this has to be my year of threes: three children (one of whom is three), three major appliances broken in as many months, and three hours of sleep a night. I am just waiting for the genie in a bottle to grant me three wishes.

And so we celebrated with at least three types of cake:

And then 24 short hours later, the Turtles turned six months old. SIX WHOLE MONTHS! We had some mashed banana, sang some songs, and generally spent the entire day impressed with the fact that we managed to keep our children and ourselves alive and our house intact (save for three major appliances) for SIX WHOLE MONTHS!

Now, that really is a reason to celebrate!


  1. Congratulations on all your milestones! (Well, other than the broken appliances. And the lack of sleep.)

    Your girls are so beautiful, and look so happy. Lovely.


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