Cha Cha Cha Changes

We seem to be on a six month cycle of change around here and we're about to enter a new phase.

Six months ago the Turtles came into the world and everything that was normal at the time was quickly upended by the chaos that accompanies a new child... or two. We have settled into that chaos now and while it can still be maddening, it also feels comfortable and secure. On the rare occasion when I have found myself without my children, it is still next to impossible for me to accomplish anything. I run around the house, manically flitting from one task to the next, while seeing not one single thing to completion. That's my new reality and I'm surprised to say that I am finally comfortable with that.

So as September draws to an end, we are closing the door on the new parents to three cycle. Vivi is happily enjoying her new identity as a preschooler and we are slowly accepting the fact that she now has a small part of her life that doesn't include us. She is growing into her own person who is having her own adventures but it is us, her parents, who are learning the lessons of letting go.

And then there's the construction... Our bedroom, where the Turtles were born, will be returned to its original state of two smaller bedrooms. Vivi will occupy one side while the Turtles will be on the other. We will move into Vivi's current room, the original master bedroom. It's a change that we expect to be difficult but it will give us five more years in this house, at least. We are, in essence, preparing for all the cycles that will follow this one.

With all the change, I figured it was about time to gussy up this blog. Let's begin again...


  1. I wish you sanity and the patience to cope with in-home construction. In a few weeks we are re-doing our kitchen, and the thought of the mess already has me reaching for the wine.


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