Little People

Baby, baby, where have you gone?


I was sitting at my desk with a certain Jude Bug lying on the floor directly behind me playing with her ball. When I turned around, not more than a couple of minutes later, she was heading into the kitchen.

Maybe she wanted some of the delicious yogurt she shared with her sister the other night.

Well, she thought it was delicious.

These Turtles continue to amaze me. They are growing at the speed of light and although every day seems to be a challenge of survival, the time is passing very quickly. Their personalities are becoming much clearer and though they are quite different, they seem incomplete with out the other. I feel their bodies relax simultaneously when they hold hands while nursing. Just the other day, Eliya was cracking up whenever Jude brushed her face with her hand.

They are beautiful separate but glorious together and that is more than enough to keep us going for another day.


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