Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

I finally left my family. My exit was premeditated and executed with such precision that I may have a future as a CIA agent... or a wedding planner. While I normally fantasize about slipping out of the house under cover of darkness, I left town last Friday morning in broad daylight with the blessing of my husband. I didn't come home until Monday night and it was glorious.

It's fair to say that I have been pretty burned out by my domestic duties. I love my family but, good god, I was turning into a Class A Crankypants. I was just tired and miserable and isolated in my mom of multiple babies identity.* I was getting bogged down in what I hated about my life instead of enjoying what I do. Six months of chronic sleep deprivation has a way of doing that to a person.

So when the invitation came from my friend E. to visit her and some of our Peace Corps friends in San Diego, I jumped at the chance. E. is one of my dearest friends and we were practically inseparable during our service. It was no surprise to our PC group that we went on to have our most recent babies within 15 days of each other. The trip was an opportunity to see E. and meet her baby, introduce her to one of my Turtles, reunite with friends I hadn't seen in a decade, and get a respite from my domestic duties.

Before I had the Turtles, I never would have thought that traveling across country with an infant would be something I would do to get a break, but that's just what it was. My husband chose the traveling baby which alleviated my guilt. (OK, it wasn't Sophie's choice but I couldn't bear to choose one baby over another.) My friends were the best baby entertainers around and I got to have my first really good fish tacos in years.

Oh, and when Vivi and I snuggled after my late-night return, she said, "Mama, you know what? I really missed you."


*I know there are Moms of Multiples groups around. The problem is that the one here in my area meets at 7 p.m. which is the WORST possible time for us.


  1. Sammy, once i get my house, you can come and stay with me for as long as you want, whenever you need to!!

  2. fish tacos. yum. i know you've had a love affair with west coast fish tacos for a long time!


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