When Life Hands You Lemons...

I'm not really an optimist.  In fact, according to my husband and other reliable sources, I can be a real complainer sometimes.  I like to think it's part of my charm but I know he usually just finds me annoying.

This was particularly evidenced by my behavior yesterday morning when my husband made smoothies for the girls.  Smoothies are always a hit in this house but when I got downstairs and saw that the pitcher and the girls' cups were mostly full, I knew something had gone horribly wrong.  Still, I decided that the smoothie was worth a try but I was so overwhelmed by the sweetness that I didn't make it past one sip.

As the ray of sunshine that I am, I asked him what the hell happened to the smoothie.  He said it was fine and I went on to complain that the girls would have finished their cups if it was fine. Then I made the discovery that all the blueberries and deviled eggs were gone.  The blueberries went into the smoothie and the deviled eggs.... went into his belly.  Shouldn't he know by sheer intuition that I was going to eat those eggs for breakfast and the blueberries were reserved for Vivi's lunch?  Plus, there's nothing that raises my blood pressure more than wasted food.  (Hey, it's the Peace Corps volunteer in me.)

After a few tense moments, I decided to behave like an adult.  It was just a flippin' smoothie, a couple of eggs, and some blueberries.  Plus, I had a good idea.  I decided that when your husband hands you an over-the-top sweet smoothie, you make popsicles from it!

And then this is what happened:

I love Jude's expression here.

This popsicle makes me craaaaaaaaazy!

"Mama, want to see funny face?"

"This is silly face, Mama."

Guess those blueberries weren't wasted after all.

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  1. I've been making popsicles out of our left over smoothies too. There's usually enough in the blender for two popsicles, perfect for my little guys later in the day!

  2. Brilliant! For a second I thought you were going to say the deviled eggs ended up in the blueberry smoothie too...phew!


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