Running for the Hills

Hello Internet!  I am back from the abyss of home improvement, rainy days, my cleanse, various outings and disasters, as well as Vivi's last day of nursery school.  I survived it all and now we have this fancy thing on which I can relax:

Of course, I am not the only one who uses our new deck.  How could you not spend a lot of time out there when you have a twin sister and conjoined adirondack chairs?

And snacks.  Must not forget the snacks.

It wasn't long after the deck was finished and the rain broke, that my husband decided we needed a little family outing.  So we drove to southern Rhode Island, slapped some numbers on our kids, enticed them with Pirate's Booty (or "Judy Moody" as Ellie calls it), and told them to run their little hearts out.  

Which they did for a half mile.  Well, Jude and Vivi did.  Ellie stayed at the starting line with her snacks.  Are you sensing a theme here?

"I'm taking you down, Mama."  

Vivi did great and finished in the middle of the pack.  Although she brought up the rear and face planted at the finish line, Jude was a rockstar two-year old runner!

Bring on the Booty!  Jude and Vivi also got trophies which they both proudly carried around with them the whole next day.  I did the kiddie run with Jude but I didn't get a trophy.  What's up with that?  

After all the racing hullabaloo, we had to face the fact that Vivi had one last day of nursery school. She was sad.  I was sad.  Jude and Ellie were delighted that there was an "ice cream potty" at the end of the school day.

This is Vivi on her first day of school in 2009:

And this is her on Monday, her last day:

As promised, there was some celebratory ice cream.

When I proudly exclaimed, "Hey Viv, school's out for summer!"  She looked at me and said, "Mom, I don't feel very good about that."

Of course, summer vacation couldn't begin without some serious celebration at home.  That's when this happened:

Who doesn't love a clear view of the trees from their minivan?  Well, that would be Vivi's parents. 

The story on how the window got broken is a bit cloudy.  There was some spinning involved (both physically with Vivi and probably the story too), a rock pile nearby, and a whole lot of tears.  I think I get a B for keeping my mama rage in check but we are now $250 poorer for the repair and we have a five year old on house arrest.

That's my story. What have you been up to, fair readers?

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  1. We've had some repairs at our house too, some finished projects, and some new family adventures. With a family full of kidlets, we all seem to sing the same song! Wow has Vivi every grown in 2 years!! Congrats Vivi on finishing nursery school!
    come read about our family @

  2. Wow, the deck is awesome. The window, not so much. What a glimpse this was. Very typical life of a Mommy. The good AND the bad. ;)

  3. Your deck looks amazing! The Kiddie Run sounds like a lot of fun. I would be sad about the end of Nursery school too, and so sad about some broken windows. At least everyone is OK. I guess.
    What a week!

  4. I love the photo of the kids with their race numbers! So cute! And my 10 year old would totally face plant at the finish line. How embarrassing! the bad news is, they don't grow out of it! ;)

  5. is that broken window what vivi learned how to do in nursery school? :)

    looks like a typical busy week for you and the family but lots of fun too....where did you get those adirondack chairs - love them!


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