Oh, the pictures!

I have had my camera out a lot more this week and it has been hard to decide which photo to link up with the project.  My photos aren't that great but I captured so many moments that I otherwise would have forgotten and that's pretty cool.

Like the girls splashing in the snow melt:

Perhaps, you noticed Jude's soap-opera cut? You know-- the ubiquitous bandage-above-the-eye that someone is always sporting on an episode of Days of Our Lives. Well, this is what it looks like without the bandage:

Yeah, that's what happens when a Turtle collides with the corner of a door.  The upside is that Jude is now telling everyone she is a "bruiser." Literally and figuratively, folks.

But, I think my favorite photo this week is the one doesn't feature my children at all.  It's what happens when I let them have at the pots and pans to cook.

Poor baby...


  1. lol!! That is too funny, poor baby! And your poor baby! I hate when they get hurt. Love the pictures! I need to get going on a picture to submit for this! I've picked up my camera this week but haven't taken many pictures of the kids!

  2. Baby stew. ha! I hope your little one's eye feels better soon.


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