Sometimes I just can't get over how lucky I am to have this life.  I know this is a big change from the usual griping I do on this blog but I have had such a nice week that I thought I'd share. And, since this is my update for the ME Challenge, it seems particularly appropriate. 

It started last Saturday when my husband gave me some time to myself.  Instead of puttering around the house, I decided to visit my dear friend with four month-old twins.  It was such a delight catching up with her and snuggling with her babies.  She asked me questions about things I did when my Turtles were that small and it is amazing that I have no recollection whatsoever of how we made it through the days and weeks of that first year.  What a joy to be able to experience twins without having the sleep deprivation, guilt, and feeding demands clouding the experience! 

Now that we've gone a couple of weeks without snow, the girls and I have been out and about a lot.  We've walked to the library, been to the Y nearly every day, and picked up some treats at our local bakery.  We celebrated Valentine's Day by baking cupcakes and putting flowers all over the house.  All in all, we are stretching our legs and beckoning spring in the hope of an early arrival.

Spring fever has made us much quicker to laugh around these parts too.  Particularly when a Turtle puts together her fanciest outfit to-date:

Or Vivi's attempt to protect her stuff:

Spring fever can even seem to bring out the affection in the most curmudgeonly of preschoolers and make a Mama's small, grinchy heart grow three sizes.  See what I mean:

In case you can't decipher four-year-old scrawl, it says "I *heart* U Mom From Aviva."  She left that note for me on my to-do list.  What is more perfect than that?


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