We Were Robbed

Internet, I'm not about the catchy title today.  I wish that I had some exciting story about poop or an adorable twin anecdote to share with you.  I wish I had a good reason to explain my cyber-absence.

I don't.

Very early Sunday morning, we were robbed.  They took my laptop, my husband's old laptop, and every single item of jewelry except my wedding band (which I happened to be wearing.)  They did not take my children and for once I am truly grateful for that.

We know a few things.  We know that they were watching us and while we are almost always home early Sunday morning, we left en masse this particular day.  My husband took the kids out for a mommy-free adventure and I headed to the Y.  I returned less than 45 minutes later while they were in the house.  Miraculously, I did something I never do which is sit in the car for several minutes before I went inside.  (I figured I didn't have to rush and I was riveted by the YMCA class schedule I had just picked up.)  While I sat in the drive, the robbers escaped through the back and jumped my neighbors fence.

When I walked in, I could just feel that something was off. Then I noticed that my computer was gone.  The desk was torn apart and my purse was strewn over the piano.  I grabbed the phone, ran out to the front, and called 9-1-1.  The police came and it was during that time when I went upstairs and saw that they had gone through everything-- our dressers, our bedside tables, my daughters' closets-- everything.  I half-expected to see my jewelry box gone but when I saw that not only was it gone but they had rifled through all my drawers, I just became hysterical.

We have all been rattled by this.  I'm not sleeping and the girls are clingy.  Jude woke up from her nap yesterday screaming that there was a man in her room.  Vivi has threatened to karate-chop the robbers but she also wrapped up her pink jewelry box with the dancing ballerina inside and gave it to me to  replace my own.  We are likely going to get a security system and I've started a neighborhood watch.

And those robbers... well, I hope they are enjoying my grandmother's watch, my engagement necklace from my husband, and the "I luv u sam mom from aviva" beaded necklace.



  1. Oh, this is terrible! I'm so sorry!

    I hate feeling vulnerable and insecure. I hope you can get a security system installed pronto! In the meantime, me know if you want me to send you the baseball bat I sleep with when my husband is out of town. :)

  2. I'm so sorry. How scary and unsettling.


  3. My heart goes out to u!

    i am so glad that u are all safe!

    yes emotionally traumatic, painful.

    do what u need to to find the feeling of safety. trust ur heart!

    ur all in my thoughts!


  4. I am so so sorry!! This happened to my parents a couple years ago and it was horrible. Luckily, they did end up catching the thief when he tried to use my dad's credit card at a gas station.

  5. OMG! That is so awful! I am so sorry to hear this...what a personal violation!! Really, there is nothing more I can say to make you and your family feel safe. Prayers and thoughts are with you..


  6. This happened to us last year. It was awful. The worst was watching my kids responses, even the cute ones, because it was just wrong that they had to process this kind of thing at their ages. So sorry. :( This post made me tear up because it was so close to home.

    I wrote a blog post about our theft too. http://andillraiseyou5.blogspot.com/2010/06/just-things.html

  7. It is a horrendous and I am so sorry your privacy has been violated in this way.

  8. Oh how heartbreaking. I hope that you and your family can feel safe in your house again. Thank goodness you didn't go in the house as soon as you got home. Sending you prayers and hugs.

  9. So crappy! We had this happen in our former house. They even took our luggage to cart the stuff away.

    I washed everything in VERY hot water and got an alarm system. This is one bill I don't resent paying each month.

    Prayers with you.

  10. i just about cried when i read this....i'm truly sorry this happened to you and your family.

    since i've found your blog, i've often thought we could be "real-life" friends if we didn't live so far away. anyway, the irony is that we, too were robbed this week!

    all we know is that it happened sometime during the day on tuesday while we were work.

    the thief took my laptop, a watch, our digital camera (along with the two months of photos on it), and some cash.

    it's such a violation of privacy. i, too am having a difficult time sleeping.....i'll be sending positive vibes your way and hoping karma catches up to the thieves soon.


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