This Is What I Mean About the Markers

Thanks bloggy friends for all your kind words about my parenting.  Maybe if I knew all of you in person, you might be not so quick with your comments.  I'm trying to look at the positive here.  At least I only yell at my own children.

Anyway, I mentioned in my beleaguered post that I'm waging a one-woman battle against THE MARKERS.  (Yes, I've confiscated them on numerous occasions but Vivi is a self-proclaimed "artiste" and she always earns them back.) Seriously though, I hate them and this is why:

Uh oh.  Mom's giving me the look.

"Mama, I got pritty legs."

Just when I was thinking, "Well, at least it was only one turtle."  Look who shows up:

As if the outfit wasn't eye-catching enough...

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  1. It's a lot of pattern but if you are that little it totally works. Mine has a full-on Snow White outfit today-it was just easier to get out of the door.

  2. We don't have markers for that very reason.

  3. our markers get pulled out very, VERY rarely. But, the kids get them at church. I can always tell when they've had them.....faces, hands, clothes, pretty much everything gets marked... sigh...
    I guess it gives us mommies something to talk about though, huh? LOL.

  4. my markers are on the table for coloring all the time. If I could get my son to stop coloring on the table i'd be much happier about markers as well;)


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