I'm not a big shopper.  I don't like crowds.  I don't like buying for the sake of owning more stuff.  I hate trying on things and feeling bad about myself afterwards.  All in all, shopping is just not a pleasant experience for me.  Add to that the three children I almost always have in tow and it is downright miserable.

So when my husband gave me a big chunk of time to myself last weekend, I did what I usually do.  I puttered.  I folded some laundry.  I broke down about fifteen cardboard boxes that had accumulated on our back porch since Christmas. I swept the kitchen, cleaned off the papers on my desk, and generally enjoyed the sound of silence. It was time to myself that I spent doing chores but I didn't resent it because nothing thrills me more than feeling like I've accomplished something.  Once I got those things done, however, it occurred to me that leaving the house might actually be a good thing.

That's when I went shopping.  I guess the memory of doing anything without my entourage is so far-removed from my consciousness that I thought I would give it a try.  Lo and behold, I actually enjoyed myself.  I admired the shoe selection at Marshall's.  I picked up a no parking sign at Lowe's.  I found a $1.75 sequined t-shirt at Target which I'll tuck away for Vivi's birthday.  I didn't rush.  I didn't have to pack snacks and time my trip so no one would melt down.  I didn't have to buckle and unbuckle three car seats.  And when I got home, everyone was still out.  

How is that for a gift?


  1. oh my god. honestly, like a dream... i browsed savers this week for 20 minutes and felt like a new woman. . . oh brother. . .

  2. I almost feel lost in a store if I don't have to run in and out. Shopping by yourself sounds like a dream! I hope you week goes smoothly. :)

  3. A perfect gift! Doesn't it feel slightly strange to travel so lightly?

  4. I love how you took your time! That is great!!!

  5. I think the actual going out of the house without having to have kids in tow is just a blessing it itself. I'm glad you had some "Me" time!

  6. That sounds wonderful! Sometimes even the most ordinary activities can seem relaxing and fun when you're doing them without children in tow. :o)


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