At the Y-M-C-A

Since we are buried under ridiculous amounts of snow and I am trying to keep my sanity with all the school cancellations, I have managed to commit the breadwinner of the family to let us join the Y.

At first, my darling husband balked at the $72 a month price tag.  I admit that it was a bit pricier than I initially expected and my timing wasn't great.  (Note to self:  Next time don't request a pricey item right after husband has just shelled out $7000 in quarterly taxes.)  Once I explained that he would actually get a chance to work out and there was child care included in the price, however, he was sold.   

And so, we've begun having a ton of fun at the YMCA.  Vivi is learning to swim.  I'm taking yoga classes with all my girls.  (Some more successfully than others.)  My husband is getting his workouts in and occasionally making use of the sauna. Most importantly, I have the opportunity seven days a week to jump on some sort of machine and burn a few calories while watching reruns of The Daily Show all while my children are being entertained by somebody else.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is priceless.


  1. I miss my Brighton YMCA a whole bunch. The Portland Y is not in any way convenient for me, sadly. I'm so glad it's making a difference in all of your lives!


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