Saying Goodbye

I am in the throes of despair.  No, it's not my waistline or the complete inability of my Turtles to sleep through the freaking night (although those certainly merit despair.)  I'm distraught because our babysitter is going away to college and next Wednesday is her last day. 

"But Mama Mama," you say, "didn't you already say goodbye to the best babysitter in the whole world last summer?"  Yes, I did but because the universe seems to take mercy on my pathetic attempt at twin parenting, I found another gem of a helper several months ago.

When I posted my ad on Craig's List last fall I was not optimistic.  We had just fired another babysitter who had as much energy as roadkill even though she came with rave reviews from a fellow parent at Vivi's nursery school.  When the replies to my ad came in,  I was certain I was destined to grieve the loss of our beloved Brown student forever.  Every single response contained bad grammar, ridiculous claims, and obvious misspellings.  I had one woman call me interested in the job only to tell me that the last children she babysat for were a couple of brats!  (I really wish I were kidding here.)

Then came Sara's response.  It was coherent and sweet.  She was obviously bright and when she showed up for the interview, I knew my prayers had been answered.  Sara has more energy than anyone I know.  She plays babies with my girls and actually enjoys herself.  She knows what needs to be done without being told and at the ripe ol' age of 18, I feel completely confident leaving her with all three of my daughters.

I think I could cope with Sara's departure a little better if my girls were not so attached to her.  At around 4:00 every day, they wait by the picture window looking for her car.  When she pulls up, Ellie starts yelling, "Herah!  Herah!"  Jude runs to the door with her arms open and Vivi has the dolls ready to go.  They adore her and Sara loves them and I can't imagine anyone taking her place.

So, as I post my ad again, I am wondering if it possible to be so lucky a third time.  


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