A Test

I suppose it was inevitable that Vivi would pick up a cold this winter. She woke up Tuesday morning with a runny nose and has been my pathetic, pink-cheeked, little patient ever since. We've been through plenty of colds since Vivi's birth but somehow this one seems different. This one is a test of our endurance.

You see, since this cold started Vivi has been too uncomfortable or too unwilling to sleep. Yesterday, she got a twenty minute power nap in the car on the way home from Trader Joe's and that was it. This from a child who will regularly nap for a minimum of an hour and a half. (Oh, and yes, I took my sick kid out into the cold and ice but this pregnant lady really needed juice and Pirate's Booty!)

I can usually cope with a missing nap here and there but when it is combined with a night of up and downs, then I'm just not good for much. Here is a sampling of what our last few nights have been like:

8:00 PM- Put Vivi to bed. She is crying from exhaustion.
8:05 PM- Light goes on in Vivi's room. We ignore it.
9:15 PM- I head upstairs for bed. I go into Vivi's room to turn off the light and see her diaper on the floor. I wake her up to put on a clean diaper and she demands to snuggle in my "cozy bed for just a few minutes." I give in.
9:30 PM- Vivi and I snuggle in bed. She falls asleep clutching my belly while I lie awake wondering if it is remotely possible to get comfortable with three children in and around my abdomen.
10:15 PM- My husband comes to bed. Vivi wakes up and says, "Hi Dad. I snuggling with turtles."
10:30 PM- Vivi says, "I ready go back to my bed" so my husband gets up to move her.
1:15 AM- We wake up to Vivi crying and yelling for me but my husband gets up and settles her down. She wanted a cup of water which he gave her.
2:00 AM- I am awoken by the searing acid pain of heartburn and feel like I might vomit. I get out of bed and use the bathroom. I take a homeopathic remedy, go back to bed, and try to sleep in a semi-upright position.
2:30 AM- My husband gets up to pee. I take another remedy for my heartburn. Silently pray for it to work.
3:05 AM- Vivi yells that she needs to go pee. I go in and tell her that right now it is okay for her to pee in her diaper. I feel guilty that I don't put her on the toilet. I notice that the side of the bed is wet and discover that she spilled the cup of water that my husband gave her. I throw a towel over it and tell her that it's time for sleep.
4:30 AM- Vivi yells that she wants music. We ignore her.
5:00 AM- Vivi is crying but sounds like she is asleep. My husband gets up and settles her down.
6:15 AM- My husband gets up, unable to sleep any more. I get up to pee and then go back to bed.
7:00 AM- Vivi is up and has taken her diaper off. She climbs into bed with me and snuggles but doesn't stop talking.
7:30 AM- My husband leaves for work and I grudgingly get up.

REMAINDER OF DAY- Pray for a nap but forgive myself in advance for letting Vivi watch Raymond Briggs' The Snowman on DVD.


  1. I'm so sorry. I hate nights like those.

    Have you tried papaya enzyme for the heartburn? Evidently you take it before you eat or with your food. A few of my pregnant friends are taking it with great results.

    Hang in there. I wish I were closer so that I could do something tangible to help.

  2. Thanks so much. Normally the remedies Mark gives me help but last night the heartburn was worse than it has ever been. Did you have this problem with M&R? I'll have to get my hands on that papaya enzyme.

  3. 1) I forgive you too! Really, though, the snowman is such a gentle story. Do what it takes. Our twins really enjoyed (and still do, but not so often) the Little Bear videos. (They must be on DVD too.) They are really beautifully drawn, and the stories are lyrical and gentle. The music is good, too.

    2) The papaya enzyme sounds good - it'll denature (disassemble) proteins, which is one of the first steps of digestion - so your body doesn't have to work as hard. I resorted to Tums, which also worked. It was okay'ed by the doctor.


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